Marion Davies in Beverly of Graustark 1926


Marion Davies, de son vrai nom Marion Cecilia Douras (1897-1961) est une actrice américaine. Elle fut pendant trente ans la maîtresse de William Randolph Hearst.

Marion Davies (1897-1961) was an American film actress, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist.


People and Customs of Yugoslavia by Walter Sanders 1948

People and Customs of Yugoslavia by Walter Sanders, 1948. Shot in Belgrade.
1-2 Montenegrin costume, 3-4 Macedonian costume, 5-6 Slovene costume 


Lynda Carter


Wonder Woman est une série télévisée américaine créée d'après le personnage de bande dessinée homonyme de Charles Moulton et diffusée entre 1975 et 1979 sur ABC puis CBS.

Wonder Woman, known from seasons 2-3 as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, is an American television series based on the DC Comics comic book superhero of the same name. 


Queen Margherita of Italy

Margherita of Savoy (1851-1926) née Margherita Teresa Giovanna, princesse de Savoie, fut reine d'Italie, par son mariage avec le roi Humbert Ier.

Margherita of Savoy (1851-1926) was the Queen consort of the Kingdom of Italy by marriage to Umberto I.


Maurice Chevalier and (not) Louise Brooks


Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972) est un chanteur, acteur, écrivain et parolier français.

Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972) was a French actor, cabaret singer and entertainer. 


Vintage Beauty by Alfred Noyer

This vintage real photo postcard is part of a series named “Les Plus Belles Femmes de France” (The Most Beautiful Women of France). This series is about gem stones, and the model for this image represents “Topaze” (Topaz).


Caroline Trevor 1919


Autochrome was an expensive process and only the very well-to-do could afford the equipment. This image was taken by wealthy New York lawyer John Bond Trevor Sr and shows his wife Caroline all dressed up and ready for a night on the town.


Stacia Napierkowska

Stacia Napierkowska (1891-1945) est une actrice et une danseuse française d'origine polonaise, née Renée Claire Angèle Élisabeth Napierkowski.

Stacia Napierkowska (1891-1945) was a French actress, dancer, and director who worked during the silent film era. She appeared in 86 films between 1908 and 1926.


Montgomery Clift in a publicity photo for The Heiress 1949


Montgomery Clift (1920-1966) est un acteur américain.

Montgomery Clift (1920-1966) was an American film and stage actor.